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A Celebration of Children - Expressing our Love & Giving Thanks!!
5 Things New Moms & Dads-to-Be Can Expect With a New Baby
Discover the 5 things every new mom and new dad can expect with a new baby.  This article will help you prepare for the many changes to come so that you can reduce stress and enjoy your new baby!
7 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Baby Name 
Before you choose a name for your baby, read these 7 tips to choosing the perfect baby name!  These tips make choosing a name that is right for you and your baby can be fun and easy.
Baby Articles
Give Thanks for Mothers l Mother Quotes
Children learn about a great deal about love and life from their mothers. Find out the qualities of a loving mother and how she contributes to the success and joy of her children.
Give Thanks for Fathers l Father Quotes
Fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children that will last a lifetime.  Find out the qualities that make a great father! 
Top 20 Christian Baby Boy Names in 2009
Find out what the top 20 Christian baby boys names are, their biblical meanings, and where to find them in the bible.
5 Parenting Tips for Communicating with Children & Teens
Discover 5 tips to parenting success. Learn what works and what doesn't when communicating with kids, and how to develop healthy connections, successful kids, and a rewarding parenting experience that last a lifetime!
Baby Videos
Baby Videos
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Baby Girl Video 
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Baby Boy Video 
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