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Christian Baby Names l Biblical Baby Names

 Top 20 Christian Baby Names,Biblical Baby Names, Meanings, & Bible References for BOYS in 2016
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Christian Baby Names, Biblical Baby Names
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In Bible times, great care was taken when naming a baby.  
It was believed that the baby’s name would determine the 
child’s character or destiny.  Today, people of the Christian 
faith often like to choose a biblical baby name because it 
represents their faith. They may have a favorite person in the bible or like the biblical meaning of the name that they want for their baby.  Below are the top 20 Christian baby boy names in order of popularity.  Biblical meanings and references are made for each of the baby boy names to help you in choosing the best name for your baby. 
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The most popluar Biblical baby names/Christian baby boy names for 2016:

1.Jacob (JAY-kub) 
           “May God protect/God has protected [him] or Supplanter. He 
            grasps the heal.”
            Jacob - the son of Isaac, Genesis 5:26

2.Ethan (EE-thuhn)  
    “Strong, valiant”
     Ethan -  the grandson of Judah, 1 Chr. 2:6

3.Michael (MY-kuhl) 
           “Who is like God?”
            Michael - angel, Daniel 10:13

4.Alexander (a-leks-AN-dur)
        “Defender of man”
       Alexander - the Great, king of Macedon, 1 Macc. 1:1
       Son of Simon of Cyrene, Mk 15:21
       Member of Sanhedrin with Annas, Acts 4:6
       Spokesman for Jews in Ephesus, Acts 19:33
       King of Syria, 1 Macc. 10:1)

5.Joshua (JAH-shoo-uh)
        “ Jehovah saves”
             Joshua - son of Nun, aide of Moses, Ex. 17:9
             Man of Beth-shemesh where ark stopped, 1 Sam. 6:14
             Ancestor of Jesus, Lk. 3:29
             Governor of Jerusalem under King Josiah, 2 Kings 23:8

6.Daniel (DAN-yel) 
    “God is my judge”
     Daniel - exiled Jewish wise man and prophet, Daniel 1:6
     Priest, clan leader under Ezra, Ezra 8:2

7.Noah  (NO-uh) 
     “To rest, repose, consolation”
      Noah - builder of ark, Genesis 5:29

8.Christopher (KRIS-tuh-fur)  
           “Carrier of Christ”
            St. Christopher - patron saint of travelers, is believed to have carried 
            the Christ child across a river

9.Matthew  (MATH-yoo)  
           “Gift of God”
            Matthew - Levi, tax collector, apostle, Matt. 9:9

10.David  (DAY-vid)  
            David - son of Jesse, king of Israel, Ruth 4:17

11.Andrew (AN-droo)  
            Andrew - apostle, brother of Peter, Mt. 4:18

12.Joseph (JO-sehf)  
           “May God add. May God give increase.”
            Joseph - son of Jacob and Rachel, Gen. 30:24
            Husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mt. 1:16
            Ancestor of Jesus, Luke 3:24,30 
            Musician for David, 1 Chr. 25:2

13.James (jaymz)  
    “Supplanter. Replace. He grabs the heel”
      James - son of Zebedee, apostle, Mt 4:21 
      Son of Alphaeus, apostle, brother of Jesus, Matt. 13:55 
      Son of Mary, brother of Joseph, Matt. 27:56

14.Benjamin (BEN-juh-min)  
           “Son of the right hand”
            Benjamin - youngest son of Jacob, Gen. 35:18 
            Helped repair Jerusalem’s wall, Neh. 3:23

15.Elijah (ee-LIE-juh) 
           “My God is Yahweh”
            Elijah - the Tishbite, prophet, 1Kings 17:1

16.Gabriel (GAY-bree-uhl)  
           “Strong man of God” or “God is my warrior”
            Gabriel - angel, Daniel 8:16

17.Christian (KRIS-chin or kris-tee-ahn)  
     “Follower of Christ”
      Christian - follower of Christ--English meaning; 
      servant of Christ--Irish meaning

18.Nathan (NAY-thuhn)  
​       "Gift of God”
            Nathan - prophet, adviser of David, 2 Sam 23:36

19.John  (jahn)  
       “Yahweh has been gracious, He has shown favor”
            John - son of Zebedee, apostle, Matt. 4:21, author of Revelation, Rev. 1:1
            John the Baptist, son of Zechariah, Mt. 3:1 

20.Samuel (SAM-yoo-uhl) 
           “Asked of God, heard by God”
            Samuel - judge, priest, prophet who anointed Saul and David as kings of 
            Israel, 1 Samuel 1:20

Listing of most popular Christian baby boy names is based on information provided by the Social Security Adminstiration 
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Christian Baby Boy Names
Biblical Baby Names
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