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Baby Dedication
Whether it is a baby dedication, christening baptism or shower, the Beautiful Baby Videos have been a wonderful part of the treasured experience and keepsake of many families worldwide!  
Baby Poems
Baby Christening Gifts, Christening Baptism, Baby Dedication
A Celebration of Children - Expressing our Love & Giving Thanks!!
Raising a child in the best way that he or she should go is probably one of the most important and challenging goal of all loving and caring parents.  They want to be the best parents they can possibly be, so they commit to do their best to bring up a healthy, happy, and responsible child.  

One of the first vows they make is to raise their child according to their particular faith.  They publicly declare their vow to do so with a special baby dedication or christening baptism ceremony.  This is a very special event in which the parents devote their child to God and vow to raise him or her in God’s ways according to their faith.  This is the child’s first step in his or her spiritual upbringing.  It is a most memorable occasion and one that the family will always cherish.  

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Baby Girl Video
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Baby Girl Video 
Baby Boy Video
Click Here to Watch the Beautiful 
Baby Boy Video 
Christening Baptism
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